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Yeong Ning was born in a family of artists and musicians, he has been exposed to paintings by famous artists since childhood. His travels to the museums and art galleries in Bangkok, Bali, Korea, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Taiwan  Paris, London.. has opened his eyes on the realm of the artistic heritage and cultures of the east and west. While studying at the Shanghai University in China , he often traveled to the cultural cities and the remote areas of China to seek for the spirituality of life and art...He created over 200 abstract paintings with Chinese ink on rice paper in 2007.




杨聍出生于一个艺术世家,自小便接触艺术;自孩童时代一直到青年时代,接触了许许多多的各国艺术家,由于家里的因素,他到过许多国家的博物馆以及画廊如泰国、印尼巴厘岛、韩国、澳大利亚墨尔本、香港、台湾、法国 巴黎、英国伦敦等等,开拓了许多眼界,亲身参与并深刻的认识了东方艺术与西方艺术的文化差异以及各自的特性。


他时常旅行,在中国不同的城市之间探索自己的艺术。2007年是他很重要的一年,这一年,他创作了超过700张大型水墨作品,但是只选出200多张,其余全部 在搬家时抛弃给民工了。

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